il·lus · trate (illustrated, illustrated) 
1 decorate with an image, 2 enhance
3 illuminate, 4 clarify

il·lu-star (the; m; pl: illu-stars)
person who excels in decorating, pretty making,
illuminating and clarifying




I'm Saskia Heijmans, illustrator. I have been decorating the world with drawings since I was allowed to hold a piece of chalk for the first time. I like to make small stories without words. Fragments that inspire you to tell your own story. They are about nice, sad or funny things. There is beauty in everything and I want to show that. That these images now travel the world and end up in the lives of a lot of people in all kinds of countries is one of the most beautiful things I have ever experienced.

I also hope that you will be inspired to draw and make yourself. Because there is an illu-star in everyone!






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Saskia Heijmans

Bezoek- en afhaaladres:
Ambachtstraat 9
3732 CN De Bilt
Op afspraak!












Illustratie: Sandra Sier




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